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VE1BAS / VE1BWV 2009
HAM  -   VOIP  Hams love to talk and experiment with all kinds of modes. If there is a way to communicate then we push it to to the limit, by building and interfacing to radios and computers just to name a few... Echolink and IRLP EchoIRLP are some of the most popular voip ham systems with more than 10,oo0 stations listening .  
HF REMOTE   Ham operators around the world are using remote sites to work or listen to HF.  Drop by Len’s site, lots of stuff and all free. HTTP://HFREMOTE.US  
VE1BWV INFO BLOG --------------------------------- At this site you will find an assortment of  tech information and videos on radios, hfremote, widgets and much much more,  have a look.........  
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