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HRD - HAM RADIO DELUXE Want a great program to control your HF rig, well Ham Radio Deluxe............ is a great choice. It allows full control of your radio either from your computer which is connected to it or you can even put in the remote mode and run the HRD from anywhere in the worl there is an internet connection..... and its FREE................ just Google “Ham Radio Deluxe”  
HF Remote   Have you ever wanted to play with HF at someone else’s location?. ARTIE?   Are you wondering what some other Ham is hearing in their part of the world?     Well, fortunately some Hams have setup remote HF sites which are available to you....  N8AD-Len, VE3MAZ - Ken, NP2KW - and VE1BWV- Joe are running these sites and are availble to connect to if you are running Echolink .   VE1BWV - and N8AD  also run connectivity thru Skype VE1BWVDELL  (Skype Name) Just do a Skype Search for N8AD or VE1BWVDELL
VOIP Echolink, IRLP, EchoIRLP Don’t have HF or any radio equipment setup,are you travelling and want to keep in touch with Hams at home or elsewhere? Well, VOIP is your answer. ECHOLINK - is a Windows program which can easily connect you to most anywhere in the world via your PC. Once you register your call and receive your acess password you can connect to London, England or downtown Honolulu or near anywhere in the world, just by clicking on their callsign........... IRLP AND ECHOIRLP  are strictly RF, so if your mobile or have an HT and are within range you  enter the node number and connect.
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